Monday, November 21, 2016

Sketchcrawl in Lawrence

I missed last month's crawl but I made this month. This time we tagged along with the official Urban Sketchers Lawrence group. We sketched along Mass Street on a cold Sunday morning. I loved it out in the cold knowing it would warm up soon. The sun was out, too, which makes an emotional difference. The amount of people along Mass Street surprised me! I had no idea they had commerce going at that hour. Luckily I could buy some coffee. I had my thermos ready but I won't pass up a chance to give some business to a coffee retailer. Only one strange character approached me. He told me I had a good seat (my 3-legged stool on the sidewalk) and then pointed to a woman friend approaching and told me that was Jesus. Oh well, he didn't ask for money. Wilma took the time to do some reading in the warm car as I sketched in the cold.

The plan was to meet up at a local bar & grill at noon to eat and chat. I'm not sure what the disconnect was but they were not welcoming. Maybe they are a closed group. They only use Facebook and I don't have an account there so I don't know how they run their show. I'm just used to these things being open and friendly. Anyway, Wilma and I decided to eat at our own table and we had a nice outing by ourselves. We like coming to Lawrence to spend time. Topeka is closer but not by much. Lawrence has the atmosphere advantage of being smaller and having a major university.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Newport and Vermont

My wife and I are just back from a two week trip to the east coast. We were in Annapolis, MD for the in-water sail show, Newport for the sights, and Vermont so I could get new ski boots. I didn't have much time to sketch but did manage to put these two pieces down on paper.

The first sketch is of the basement window that was in the breakfast area of the Yankee Peddler inn where we stayed in Newport. The inn was built in the 1830s and is reported to be ghostly encounters however. The basement walls are stone and are quite thick.

The second sketch was done on a rainy afternoon in Rutland, Vermont. While my wife was out in the rain shopping I stayed in the car and sketched this old bank building. Post the shopping trip we went back to the inn where we stayed and enjoyed fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

September Lawrence Sketchcrawl

This month we gathered at a farmer's field northeast of Lawrence with 40 acres of sunflowers. The locals take this seriously, with several parking lots (fields) and professional photographers, etc. The farm sells at the local farmer's market so they are well known and supported. They have free will stations for contributions, especially if you cut one to take home. It was a sunny clear day and it wasn't unusual for people to say hi and watch you for a couple minutes.

Here is the handiwork of the rest of our group:

Friday, September 2, 2016

2016 State Fair Sketches.

4th year in a row!

A twisted sister sausage is always my warm up sketch.

Liene lodge while the first dried. Experimenting with very non water proof ink and watercolor. 

The butterfly house. 

A nice on the spot commission sparked by a conversation while painting the butterfly house. 

Painted the gate from the Irish pub across the path. Very quick and starting to get dark. 

The Poultry Barn was closing soon so I only had 20-30 minutes so I had to move fast. 

And then finally some people practice before going home. 

Another great year and great group. One of my students participated and that was fun and saw so many artists I know. Lisa and I agreed to make each other submit for the Fine Arts Show next year. 

Monday, August 29, 2016

The Art Mob met at the Nelson-Atkins gallery last Thursday to sketch and eat.  And to do a whole lot of chatting!  The gallery allows only pencil, which turned out to be a blessing as I kept making mistakes on the 2 styles of arches in the medieval cloister.  Some of us added color at lunch in the Roselle Court where the museum kindly reserved tables together for us.

USS Silversides - Muskegon, Michigan

This past Saturday was a rainy and dreary day at the boat. So, my wife and I drove down to Muskegon, Michigan to tour and visit two WWII museum ships. We toured the LST (Landing Ship Tank) 393 which is a veteran of the D Day landing in France. Today the ship houses an museum and hosts an enjoyable self guided tour. By the time we were done with the LST the rain had gone and the sun was out. So we headed over to the Muskegon channel into Lake Michigan to where the USS Silversides is docked.

The Silversides is a decorated WWII veteran that is docked on the channel wall. You can tour the ship and on shore there is an excellent museum that informs visitors about the Silversides and the the US Navy's WWII silent service. We've toured the museum and boat before so I found a spot to sketch from and did this sketch of the USS Silversides's conning tower structure. The sketch was done with a Pigma Micron Pen and a set of cool grey grey scale Prisma Color marking pens.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Grand Haven and Saugatuck

My wife and I took a short trip down to Grand Haven in our boat last week. On the way south, I did this quick sketch of the dunes that are south of White Lake and Whitehall...our boat's home port.

The town of Grand Haven sits next to the Grand River which exits into Lake Michigan through a wide west facing pier head. The town itself is overloaded with tourists throughout the summer months. While there, we stayed at the municipal marina and had a slip that was conveniently located next to an ice cream store (the banana split I had was excellent). There's also a board walk that runs past the marina and heads west along the river bank to the Grand Haven pier. The second day in town, I unloaded my folding bike from the boat and took the board walk all the way to the pier to do some sketching.

The sketch below is of the two lights, pier, and cat walk that makes up Grand Haven's south pier head.

Turning to face north from where I was sitting you take in the view of Grand Haven's north pier and beach houses which dot the dunes and shoreline. The day I was out sketching the clouds were enormous and towered over town and the shore the entire day.

We headed back to Whitehall mid week and on Friday afternoon we drove down to Saugatuck, Michigan to meet a friend for dinner. While my wife wandered through the stores, I sat in a park by the river and enjoyed the afternoon doing this sketch of an old tree that anchors one corner of the park.

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